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Independent Asian Escort - Secrets of Canary Wharf

Mysteries and secrets were and still are something that drives the imagination of millions of people and makes them more creative. But there is always something true in what you hear about this or the other place, especially when it comes to old places and their well-hidden secrets. The Mayan temples, the pyramids in Egypt and many other places all around the world still keep secrets that have yet to be revealed.

But independent Asian escorts that you can find in London are mostly interested about the Canary Wharf and what could be beneath it. So let's talk about some modern and urban legends and stories that have been around about this place for quite some time. An escort can always add one or two that you have never heard before, so make sure to ask her and listen carefully, because those are the best ones.

The stories that you haven't heard

The Canary Wharf is an important part of London, serving as its major business area. There you can find the two main business centers of Great Britain and quite some others important buildings that will remind you of Manhattan. One of the first things you will notice there are huge plant pots placed all around the most important buildings in this area.

The story tells, and even escorts believe it, that they are there to protect the buildings from possible, and quite probable, terrorist attack. But let's describe the pots first, to make you realize what they actually are. An escort that you can meet on Escort Italia at will tell you that these look quite expensive, made out of metal and not that heavy. But the truth is different. Only their outside is made out of metal parts, inside they have foldable honey comb structured hard steel and concrete parts. These can be spread out if it comes to a terrorist attack or even a bombing near one of the buildings.

What else is there to know

The underground railway system of the Canary Wharf is something all escorts that have been there have seen, and there is something quite odd about it. There are more surveillance cameras than in any other part of London. Even guards can be found near some entrances that are closed to the public, but not at all times. This lead to a theory that there are underground chambers and meeting places for the most important people the either live or work in this region. Every escort will support this theory and even some of the independent Asian ones will tell you that they have prove of that.

Triangles and pyramids are shapes and figures that the Illuminati have taken as their symbols, even though it is not yet quite known if they actually exist. But one cannot doubt and deny that these forms can be found all around the world. Starting from Washington and their sculptures, to Egypt and Asia, there can be found these all over the place. Escorts will tell you that they are used as some type of coordination points for extraterrestrial beings. And the only buildings with such structures on their top, glass pyramids, can be found right here in the Canary Wharf.

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